Help Guide for Ordering Art Prints Locally!

Help Guide for Ordering Art Prints Locally!

Guide for Ordering Art Prints in Wilmington, NC

You found us. Yay! Now what?

Studio Giclée is located in Wilmington, NC. Our sole focus is helping artists get the finest giclée art prints. A giclée (gee-clay) is simply an art print that uses high quality, archival inks and substrates (the stuff you print on like paper or canvas). It's the best kind of art printing you can get and each print when properly cared for should last at least 100 years. Studio Giclée is made up of Daisy & Chad, both artists in their own ways. Chad is the master tech guy who has spent over 15 years in Los Angeles color correcting and Daisy is a painter who was very frustrated with the prints she could find locally and online. With their powers combined they created Studio Giclée to make an easy experience for artists to get the best art prints they could get! I know what you're thinking, "That sounds great but huh? What? How do I get an art print made?"

Here's our process when working with people who are local to Wilmington, NC.

1. If you already have printable files that you'd like us to look at to see if they'll print well then go ahead and email us or upload the files to our website. We will then get back to you to let you know how they'll print.

2. If you're not sure about your files, are super new to making prints, new to creating art, tech-challenged or simply want to come meet us then start by making an appointment. We are happy to help you in person.  

Email, text or call us (910-782-5278) and make an appointment. We are available Monday-Friday 10-5pm.

3. If you have artwork you want to make a print of but you're not a wiz with photography. Then we can scan and/or photograph your work at hi-res and then color-correct it comparing it to the original for top notch color perfection. Then you'll have a digital copy of your work to make prints from. You'll get a test print of your work that we will have you come by and make any adjustments to before it's approved. We usually provide 2 test prints (see photo) to start: one at our base settings and one that's a little brighter. The difference is subtle but with artwork we find the little subtleties can make all the difference.You'll then have a digital copy for your archives that you can print now or at a later date.

4. If your files look good either files made by yourself, someone else or by us we will keep them on file for when you order and re-order. You won't have to keep uploading or resending them making this process easy.

5. Once your test print is approved then we will print at full size and it's just a matter of picking up your order when it's ready. Voila!

Common Questions:

•We ask for a week for turn around time but your order is usually ready sooner. 

•We have a $25 minimum order.

•$25 rush fee available if you're in a time crunch.

•We are located near the YMCA & Indochine on Market St.

•Our scanning/photography is a $40 flat rate which includes a test print. If you want us to make a test print of your own photography there's a $10 fee.

•All of our print pricing is based on size and our pricing is transparent and can be found on our website.

Our Instagram is a great place to see examples of our work and the process!

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