What Clients are Saying...

"These prints are so beautiful!! Thank you, thank you, Studio Giclee. I could sit here and stare at them for hours. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it! Studio Giclee has hacked prints! I've tested four companies against each other, and this company's canvas prints are far and away the best for reproductions of my fine art."

-Hope Olson, fine artist


"Wonderful company to work with! With experience in printing and painting, I feel sure that Daisy and Chad will always offer me the most thoughtful prints for my paintings. Their attention to detail is amazing! They also have a quick turn around which really helps with my productivity. Absolutely recommend this company!"

-Kelsey Howard, fine artist


"Finally a printing company I can trust! It was so easy working with them and my prints came out beautifully. The color matching and quality were spot on. I look forward to getting more prints done here!"

-Morgan Goodrum, fine artist


"Studio Giclee is an amazing resource for any artist. The quality and care that went into each of my prints from them was top notch and I could not be happier with the results. I will be using them for all my future prints.
Thank you Daisy and Chad!"

-Maya Murano, fine artist


"Daisy and Chad from Studio Giclee are great to work with. They respond to inquiries very quickly and have great communication skills. They are extremely helpful and their finished product is high quality. I loved the cards they printed for me and so did all the recipients!"

-Cory Clements, hobbyist