How to Frame a Flat Canvas

How to Frame a Flat Canvas

How to frame an un-stretched flat canvas without glass?

You might have noticed that we offer flat canvas printing aka un-stretched canvas printing and be wondering why the heck would you want that? Well, a new trend is hitting the art world where you can have your artwork giclée printed on canvas that's not wrapped around wood stretcher bars (gallery wrapped). I'm not sure exactly who started this trend but I suspect the reason behind it is because shipping an un-stretched canvas is obviously a lot lighter than shipping a stretched canvas. A flat or un-stretched canvas can be rolled in a tube and shipped easily and then you can have it A. professionally mounted on gator board and framed or B. you can do a DIY version. This really gives your long distance clients a much more affordable option than expensive custom framing.

First off, reproductions on canvas do not have to be protected behind glass like paper prints do so you can achieve a different style with these canvas prints. I'm actually going to link one of our favorite artist's, Hope Olson, blog post HERE because she walks you through her process with helpful step by step progress photos. 

If you are local to Wilmington, NC one of my fellow artists and frame makers, Maya Murano can also help with custom framing and easy flat canvas mounting. Check out Maya's website HERE and these photos of Maya's process:


We hope that helps demystify why and how to use un-stretched canvas also known as flat canvas. Here's a list of our most common flat un-stretched canvas prices and if you don't see what you are looking for just Email Us.

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